Abstracts - Orals, Featured Poster Presentations, and Posters

OR: Oral Session, FP: Featured Poster Presentation, SAT, SUN, or MON: Poster Presentations

Saturday, June 15, 2013

11:00 AM-11:30 AM

FP03-Glucocorticoids & Glucocorticoid Actions-Basic/Translational

FP11-Pediatric Endocrinology-Clinical

11:30 AM-1:00 PM

OR02-Diabetes in Pregnancy-Translational

OR03-Glucocorticoids & Glucocorticoid Actions-Basic/Translational

OR04-GnRH & Gonadotroph Biology & Signaling-Basic/Translational


OR11-Pediatric Endocrinology -Clinical

1:45 PM-3:45 PM

SAT 26-40-Glucocorticoid Actions & Disease-Translational

SAT 41-52-HPA Axis & Disease States-Basic/Clinical

SAT 88-108-GHRH, GH & IGF Biology & Signaling-Basic/Translational

SAT 109-133-GHRH, GH & IGF Biology & Signaling-Bench to Bedside

SAT 134-163-GnRH & Gonadotroph Biology & Signaling-Bench to Bedside

SAT 164-196-Pituitary-Basic/Clinical

SAT 224-247-Osteoporosis I-Clinical

SAT 248-267-Osteoporosis II-Clinical

SAT 292-325-Breast & Prostate Cancer-Basic

SAT 326-337-Hormone-Dependent Tumors-Bench to Bedside

SAT 338-357-Steroid Hormone Actions-Basic/Translational

SAT 358-380-Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis & Metabolism-Basic/Translational

SAT 381-386-Steroid Hormone Actions, Biosynthesis & Metabolism-Basic/Translational

SAT 414-428-Thyroid Neoplasia & Case Reports-Clinical

SAT 429-448-Thyroid Neoplasia & Case Reports-Clinical

SAT 449-497-Thyroid Neoplasia & Case Reports-Clinical

SAT 532-553-Hyperandrogenic Disorders-Basic/Clinical

SAT 622-631-Pediatric Endocrinology: Thyroid-Clinical

SAT 632-648-Pediatric Growth Case Reports-Basic

SAT 649-659-Basic Mechanisms of Obesity-Basic

SAT 660-676-Clinical Obesity Treatment-Clinical

SAT 677-696-Obesity Physiology & Epidemiology-Clinical

SAT 697-707-Obesity Pathophysiology-Translational

SAT 786-805-Diabetes & Obesity Therapeutics-Bench to Bedside

SAT 806-823-Gestational Diabetes-Basic/Clinical

SAT 824-833-GI Regulatory Peptides-Bench to Bedside

SAT 834-867-Islet Biology-Bench to Bedside

Sunday, June 16, 2013

10:45 AM-11:15 AM

FP15-Adipocyte Biology-Bench to Bedside

FP22-Testis Biology-Translational


FP28-Thyroid Autoimmunity-Translational

11:15 AM-12:45 PM

OR15-Adipokine Action-Basic/Clinical

OR18-Diabetes-Associated Genes & Pathways-Basic/Translational

OR20-Genetics of Growth-Bench to Bedside

OR28-Thyroid Autoimmunity-Translational

1:45 PM-3:45 PM

SUN 1-16-Adrenal Insufficiency-Clinical

SUN 17-28-Adrenal Tumors & Pheochromocytoma-Basic/Clinical

SUN 50-71-HPA Axis-Clinical

SUN 72-87-HPA Axis-Basic

SUN 88-129-Acromegaly & Prolactinoma-Clinical

SUN 130-162-Neuroendocrinology-Clinical

SUN 163-194-Pituitary Disorders & Case Reports-Basic/Clinical

SUN 199-233-Bone Biology-Basic/Clinical

SUN 257-280-Disorders of Vitamin D Metabolism & Action-Basic/Translational

SUN 292-302-Breast & Prostate Cancer-Basic/Translational

SUN 303-321-Cancer in Endocrine Tissues-Bench to Bedside

SUN 338-365-Metabolic & Stress Receptors in Energy Homeostasis-Basic/Translational

SUN 389-408-Signaling Originating from Membrane Receptors-Basic/Translational

SUN 414-431-HPT Axis Biology-Clinical

SUN 432-458-Thyroid Autoimmunity-Basic/Clinical

SUN 459-496-Thyroid Neoplasia & Case Reports-Clinical

SUN 524-553-Male Reproductive Endocrinology-Bench to Bedside

SUN 554-573-Ovarian & Uterine Function I-Basic/Clinical

SUN 649-677-Adipocyte Biology-Basic

SUN 678-689-Adipocyte Biology-Clinical

SUN 690-701-Obesity Pathophysiology-Translational

SUN 839-872-Diabetes & Obesity Management-Clinical

Monday, June 17, 2013

10:45 AM-11:15 AM

FP35-Neoplasia of Endocrine Tissues-Bench to Bedside

FP36-Ovarian & Uterine Function-Basic/Clinical


11:15 AM-12:45 PM

OR30-Central Regulation of Appetite & Feeding-Basic/Translational

OR35-Neoplasia of Endocrine Tissues-Bench to Bedside

OR36-Ovarian & Uterine Function-Basic/Clinical


1:45 PM-3:45 PM

MON 238-262-Vitamin D Action, Deficiency & Disorders -Bench to Bedside

MON 290-291-Endocrine Nursing-Clinical

MON 292-305-MEN1, MEN2 & Pheochromocytomas-Basic/Clinical

MON 327-337-Neuroendocrine Tumors-Clinical

MON 355-388-Sex Hormone Receptor Action & Reaction-Basic/Translational

MON 389-405-Signaling Originating from Membrane Receptors-Basic/Translational

MON 414-436-HPT Axis Biology & Action-Basic/Translational

MON 437-470-Non-neoplastic Thyroid Disorders-Basic/Clinical

MON 471-496-Thyroid Neoplasia & Case Reports-Clinical

MON 498-514-Female Reproductive Endocrinology-Basic/Translational

MON 515-547-Female Reproductive Endocrinology-Basic/Translational

MON 548-560-Hyperandrogenic Disorders-Basic/Clinical

MON 561-585-Ovarian & Uterine Function II-Basic/Clinical

MON 596-630-Pediatric Endocrinology-Clinical

MON 676-684-Central Regulation of Appetite & Feeding-Basic/Clinical

MON 685-694-Mechanisms of Obesity-Basic

MON 695-707-Obesity Treatment-Clinical

MON 758-775-Beta Cells, Glucose Control & Complications-Basic/Translational

MON 796-817-Diabetes Genetics & Epidemiology-Translational

MON 818-841-Diabetes Pathophysiology & Complications-Basic/Clinical

MON 842-862-Insulin Signaling & Action-Basic/Translational

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

9:15 AM-10:45 AM

OR44-Female Reproductive Endocrinology-Basic/Translational

OR45-HPA Axis-Basic/Translational