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Maria Veronica Mericq*1, Maria Isabel Hernandez2, Veronica Peņa3, Katherine Rossel3, Gabriel Cavada4, Alejandra Rebeca Avila3 and German Iniguez5
1Hosp San Borja-Arriaran, Santiago, Chile, 2Universuty of Chile, Santiago, Chile, 3Hospital San Borja Arriaran, Santiago, Chile, 4University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, 5Univ of Chile Schl of Med, Santiago, Chile
Fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) is a metabolic and growth regulator. Aim: To investigate the role of FGF21 during the first yr growth.Subjects:80 infants,40 born at term(23AGA/17SGA) and 40 born with VLBW,(20AGA/20 SGA).Anthropometric data at birth, 6m,12m plus a blood sample for FGF21,IGF-I/II,leptin,insulin and glucose at 6m and 12m were analyzed. At 6m and 12m terms had a better weight (p<0.005) and length (p<0.005), than preterms.At 6m FGF21 were ~ 2.6 times higher(293.1±49.5 vs.110.7±146.5 pg/ml, p<0.001) in term infants compared to preterm, and within preterm infants those AGA had lower concentration compared to preterm SGA(p< 0.05).FGF21 6m was inversely associated to length at 12m, and to glucose concentrations at 6m and 12m and directly to IGF-II at 12m. IGF-II at 6m and 12m was higher in term infants (6m:668.7±35.1 vs.440.4±14.8,12m:670.5±30.8 vs 441.9±16.6 ng/ml, p< 0.001). An inverse but less striking pattern was observed for IGF-I concentration at 6 months (p<0.05).None of this differences persisted by 1 year, due to a significant decrease in FGF21 concentrations in term vs. preterm infants (-p<0.001). Only at 1st yr, Insulin+HOMA-IR were higher in term SGA. Length SDS at 1st year, adjusted by birth weight SDS and gestational age, was inversely associated to FGF21 concentrations at 6m (r=-0.66, p<0.05),IGF-I (r= 0.74, p<0.05), and directly with leptin at 12 m (r=0.79, p<0.01), and IGF-II at 6 months (r=0.78,p<0.01).Our results support to the concept that FGF21&IIGF-II serum levels in infancy are regulating growth in infancy. We propose further research in the future to delineate its physiological significance.

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