Increase in the Mediators of Asthma in Obesity and Obesity with Type 2 Diabetes: Reduction with weight loss

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Husam Ghanim1, Paresh Dandona2, Scott Monte3, Joseph Caruana3, Kelly Green3, Sanaa Abuaysheh3, Teekam Lohano3, Jerome Schentag3, Sandeep S Dhindsa*4 and Ajay Chaudhuri5
1SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 2State Univ of NY, Buffalo, NY, 3SUNY at Buffalo, 4SUNY at Buffalo, Amherst, NY, 5The State Univeristy of New York, University at Buffalo
In view of the increased prevalence of asthma in obesity and type 2 diabetes, we decided to investigate the expression of key asthma related genes, IL-4, LIGHT, LTBR, MMP-9, CCR-2 and ADAM-33 in mononuclear cells  and the plasma concentration of nitric oxide metabolites (NOM) and MMP-9 in the obese and obese type 2 diabetics (T2DM). The expression of IL-4, LIGHT, LTBR, MMP-9, ADAM-33 and the chemokine receptor CCR-2 in MNC and plasma concentrations of NOM. LIGHT and MMP-9 were measured from obese patients with and without T2DM and compared to that of normal subjects. These indices were also measured in a group of morbidly obese T2DM patients prior to and following RYGB surgery.  The expression of IL-4, MMP-9 and CCR-2 and plasma NOM concentrations but not LTRB and ADAM-33 expression was significantly higher in the obese subjects and in obese T2DM patients when compared to normal subjects. LIGHT expression and concentrations were only higher in obese T2DM patients. The expression was the highest in morbidly obese T2DM patients. The expression of IL-4, LIGHT, MMP-9 and CCR-2 expression was related to BMI and HOMA-IR. The expression of IL-4, LIGHT, LTBR, ADAM-33, MMP-9 and CCR-2 fell after RYGB surgery as did plasma concentrations of MMP-9 and NOM but not LIGHT. We conclude that Obesity with and without T2DM is associated with an increase in the expression of IL-4, LIGHT, MMP-9 and CCR-2; plasma NOM and MMP-9 concentrations are also increased. Following RYGB surgery and weight loss, the expression of these factors in MNC fell significantly.

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