Desacyl ghrelin protects against body damage by heat stroke in rats

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Yujiro Hayashi*1, Yoshiyuki Inoue2, Keiko Nakahara2, Keisuke Maruyama2, Yoshihiro Suzuki2, Kenji Kangawa3 and Noboru Murakami2
1Asubio Pharma Co Ltd, Kobe, Japan, 2University of Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan, 3Natl Cereb and Cardiovasc Ctr Res Inst, Osaka, Japan
Ghrelin and desacyl ghrelin are stored in and secreted from endocrine cells of gastric oxyntic glands. Ghrelin shows its action such as stimulation of GH releasing and food intake through GHS-R1a. Recently, it is shown that desacyl ghrelin, which does not bind to GHS-R1a, has various actions such as inhibition of apoptosis of cardiomyocytes, proliferation of fetal skin cells, and so on.

In the present study, we demonstrated that administration of desacyl ghrelin protects body damage caused by heat stroke. A peripheral administration of desacyl ghrelin inhibited the increase of core (rectal) body temperature under the high temperature (33 – 35°C and humidity (75 – 90 %) condition in rats. After 110 min in this condition, the control rats that received intraperitoneally saline scarcely survived. However almost all the rats that received intraperitoneally desacyl ghrelin (10 nmol/rat) survived. The body temperature of saline and desacyl ghrelin administered rats reached 41.1 and 40.3°C at the end of the experiment, respectively. The mechanisms of inhibition by desacyl ghrelin against the body damage induced by heat stroke included a protection against damage of critical organs to live. Interestingly, desacyl ghrelin suppressed the increase of biochemical parameters of hepatic enzymes (ALS and ALT) and renal function (BUN and creatinine) caused by heat stroke. Furthermore, desacyl ghrelin inhibited the increase of blood potassium concentration and hematocrit value. Through these multiple actions, desacyl ghrelin would protect against body damage by heat stroke in rats. As a conclusion, we demonstrated the potential of desacyl ghrelin as an anti-heat stroke medication.

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