FP17-4 8-Week Endurance Exercise Increases Adiponectin Multimer Ratio and Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Young Patients

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Yu-Sik Kim*, Shinae Kang, Dong-Wook Yeo, Soon-Ae Kim, Sun-Hee Beom, Da-Woon Han, Jong Suk Park, Kyung Rae Kim, Sang Hoon Suh and Chul Woo Ahn
Gangnam Severance Hospital, Seoul, South Korea
Adiponectin, a hormone synthesized by adipocytes, modulates a number of metabolic processes, including glucose homeostasis. In circulation, adiponectin molecules automatically self-associate to form oligomeric isoforms- high molecular (HMW)-; middle molecular (MMW)-; and low molecular (LMW) adiponectin. Among these, HMW is known as the most biologically active in glucose control. As endurance exercise is important prevention and treatment modality for insulin resistance (IR), this study is designed to examine the influence of endurance exercise on IR, total adiponectin and multimer distribution in obese males.

39 obese, normoglycemic young Korean males were randomly assigned to control (C, n=10) or exercise group (Ex, n=29). The subjects in Ex underwent a 8-week -endurance exercise (2400Kcal/week). BMI, % body fat, waist circumference (WC), fasting plasma insulin (FPI) and glucose (FPG), total adiponectin and multimer distributions were measured. BMI, WC, % body fat, FPI, and HOMA-IR were significantly decreased in Ex (p<0.01). Unexpectedly, total adiponectin decreased significantly in Ex (p<0.01), however, HMW distribution increased from 2.27±0.55 to 15.48±8.47 (p<0.01). This increase was significantly associated with enhanced HOMA-IR (r=0.387, p=0.015), and when adjusted for BMI, WC and % body fat (r=0.357, p=0.027). These suggest that endurance exercise alleviated IR by increasing HMW.

Our study highlights the beneficial influence of endurance exercise on IR. It is noteworthy that the alteration in adiponectin multimer distributions with endurance exercise indicates a potential source for metabolic disorders in obese individuals. This study was limited to the normoglycemic obese individuals; further study with hyperglycemic individuals is warranted.

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