Maria Alexander-Bridges, MD, PHD

Consultant in Diabetes; Private and MGH

Biographical Sketch:
Maria Alexander-Bridges, M.D., Ph. D. Dr. Alexander-Bridges presently consults in the Diabetes at Massachusetts General Hospital MGH. As an Associate Professor of Medicine at HMS, Dr. Alexander-Bridges was widely recognized for work elucidating the molecular details of the “transcriptional switch” that occurs during events as diverse as sex-determination and mounting a response to a meal. The latter work focused on identifying transcription factors that mediate the effect of diet and insulin to promote obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer and aging and the proteins they induce. These protein biomarkers could, in turn, be tested in diverse populations to determine whether they predict disease risk, progression and the response to dietary and therapeutic interventions. Of particular interest to the symposium on increasing minority recruitment to clinical trials, Dr. Alexander-Bridges and Loretta Doan the Society’s Associate Director of Science Policy, have worked together since 2006 to 1) elicit the ideas of ENDO’s constituency (academia, industry, government agencies and community research boards) about what impedes their efforts , 2) communicate these ideas using the Society’s websites and publications and 3) design strategies that the Society, working hand in hand with it’s broad constituency might successfully undertake to intervene.
S39 Reducing Health Disparities Through Clinical Trials
S39-2 Recruiting Diverse Populations in Clinical Trials: Change is Here are We Ready?