Nira Ben-Jonathan, MS, PHD

University of Cincinnati
Cancer and Cell Biology

Biographical Sketch:
Nira Ben-Jonathan, Ph.D, is professor of Cancer and Cell Biology, the University of Cincinnati. She has published over 160 manuscripts and reviews in journals and books, edited one book and contributed 12 chapters to medical textbooks and encyclopedias. Early in her career she studied the hypothalamo-pituitary-reproductive system with a focus on dopamine, prolactin and endocrine disruptors, primarily bisphenol A. Her emphasis then shifted to breast cancer, studying the role of prolactin and estrogens in the control of tumor growth and responsiveness to chemotherapeutic agents in vitro and in vivo. A second focus of her current research is on the regulation of adipose tissue functions in terms of adipocyte differentiation and adipokine release in human obesity and animal models. Throughout her career she trained 65 students, postdoctoral fellows, research scientists and assistant professors. She has served on several journal editorial boards and on many committees of scientific societies. In addition to being a member on numerous study sections of the NIH, DOD and the Komen foundation, she served as the chairperson on six NIH study sections.
S56 Central Regulation and Actions of Prolactin