Jennifer Lachey, PHD, BS

Acceleron Pharma
Preclinical Pharma

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Jennifer Lachey joined Ember Therapeutics in 2012 as the Director of Preclinical Pharmacology. At Ember Therapeutics, she studies the development and activation of classical brown fat. Her work also focuses on beige (also termed brite) cell biology. These cells reside within white fat depots, have low basal UCP1 levels, but can be induced into a brown cell phenotype. The goal of her work at Ember Therapeutics is to develop an obesity and diabetes therapeutic which acts by increasing energy expenditure through the activation of brown fat and/or beige cells. Prior to Ember Therapeutics, Dr. Lachey worked at Acceleron Pharma, a company focused on pharmacological targeting of the TGFsuperfamily. There, she characterized the effects of treatment with a soluble activin receptor type II Fc-fusion protein on muscle, bone and fat in a variety of preclinical models, including Duchenne muscular dystrophy, androgen deficiency and diet-induced obesity. Dr. Lachey received her graduate degree from University of Cincinnati where studied the CNS regulation of visceral illness with Dr. Randy Seeley. She continued her neuroscience training in the lab of Dr. Joel Elmquist where she delineated the extrahypothalamic brain regions which are responsive to leptin. Dr. Lachey then made the transition into an industrial environment and began her career in preclinical drug development.
S59 Growth Factors in the BAT-tle against Obesity
S59-3 The Role of Activin Signaling in Obesity and Insulin Sensitivity