Siew Lan Ang, PhD

Program Leader
National Institute of Medical Research
Developmental Neurobiology

Biographical Sketch:
BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Provide the following information for the key personnel and other significant contributors in the order listed on Form Page 2. Follow this format for each person. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES. NAME Siew Lan Ang POSITION TITLE Program Leader, MRC EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, and include postdoctoral training.) INSTITUTION AND LOCATION DEGREE (if applicable) YEAR(s) FIELD OF STUDY Postdoctoral training, Institue of Embryology, Paris 1990 Embryology Postdoctoral training, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto 1991-1994 Developmental Biology MIT, Cambridge Boston B.Sc 1978-1982 Biology Harvard University PhD 1983-1989 Immunology NOTE: The Biographical Sketch may not exceed four pages. Follow the formats and instructions on the attached sample. A. Positions and Honors. List in chronological order previous positions, concluding with your present position. List any honors. Include present membership on any Federal Government public advisory committee. 1994-2002 Group leader, IGBMC, Strasbourg 1996-2002 Directeur de Recherche 2ème classe CNRS 2002-present MRC Program Leader, National Institute for Medical Research 2003-present Honorary Reader, Dept of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London
OR53-1 The basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor Ngn3 regulates the development and function of Pomc/Cart neurons in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus
S34 Genetic Control of Arcuate Hypothalamic Development, Differentiation and Renewal
S34-2 Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors in Development of Arcuate Neurons