MEPA Computational Toxicology and its Regulatory Application in the Endocrine Disrupting Screening Program ( EDSP )

Program: Workshop
Translational Session
Monday, June 23, 2014: 2:30 PM-3:15 PM
W475 (McCormick Place West Building)

Assessing human or ecological risk for the large universe of 30 thousand or more untested chemicals poses a major challenge for regulatory agencies. The EPA Computational Toxicology program has developed methods and models to prioritize this large chemical universe for further testing based on estimations of risk using data from high-throughput in vitro bioactivity and quantitative exposure prediction models. We can then develop estimates of risk for endocrine disruption (estrogen, androgen, thyroid) using our knowledge of hormone regulatory pathways for hundreds to thousands of chemicals. 

Researchers can access all of these data via the Interactive Chemical Safety for Sustainability (iCSS) Dashboard – a web application to allow easier access to, and analysis of, endocrine related hazard information for thousands of chemicals.  Dr. Crofton will demonstrate the use of the iCSS Dashboard and discuss how researchers might use the large dataset in their work.

2:30 PM

Kevin Crofton, BA, MS, PhD, National Center for Computational Toxicology, US Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC
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