L1-2 Presidential Plenary: Personalized Menopause Management: Clinical and Biomarker Data That Inform Decision Making

Program: Plenary
Session: L1-Thursday Morning Plenary

JoAnn E Manson, MD, DrPH, FACP, FACE
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Talk Description:

JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH, FACP, FACE, will be giving one of the Presidential Plenary Lectures at ENDO 2015 and will speak on “Clinical and Biomarker Data that Inform HT Decision Making”. Dr. Manson, who is Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and one of the Principal Investigators of both WHI and KEEPS, offered the following preview: “A critical mass of research now informs the HT decision, but controversy and confusion about HT continue to serve as barriers to appropriate use. I hope to help clinicians and researchers make sense of the evidence, to bring a more rational approach to clinical decision making in this important area. Some, but not all, women are good candidates for HT, and the use of risk stratification and incorporation of the personal preferences of the patient, will guide the approach taken. The array of treatment options, including lower hormone doses and transdermal routes of delivery, has expanded markedly in recent years. I also plan to discuss our recently released algorithm and mobile app, which helps clinicians and patients work together to decide between hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options for menopausal symptoms and develop a personalized treatment plan based on shared decision making.

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