LBSun-01 - LBSun-02 LB Pediatric Endocrinology (Posters) - Sunday

Program: Late-Breaking Abstracts
Sunday, April 3, 2016: 1:15 PM-3:15 PM
Exhibit/Poster Hall (BCEC)

Rajeev Thirunagari, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Buffalo, NY and Lucy D Mastrandrea, MD, PHD, Pediatric Endocrinology, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Poster Board Number: LBSun-01
Sochung Chung, pediatrics, Konkuk University Medical Center, Konkuk University School of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea and KoWoon Lee, Nursing, Suwon Women's University, Suwon, Korea, The Republic of
Poster Board Number: LBSun-02